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Kimberly Davis, EdS, MBA, CEP

Founder and Principal Consultant 


Kimberly's knowledge, compassion and expertise is based on 20 years of work in education and mental health, and her own personal commitment to ethical and professional counseling and consulting. The depth and breadth of her experience and training in all aspects of child and adolescent education and treatment means that she can look holistically and developmentally at your child's social, emotional and intellectual growth to come up with the most appropriate and individualized solutions to their academic or clinical needs.  


A graduate of Yale with a simultaneous BA and MA, Kim began her career as a Cultural Anthropologist at Stanford, conducting research among a variety of educational and medical programs, with a wide range of "students" and educators as stakeholders. She later completed a Masters degree in School Counseling, and an EdS in Educational and Counseling Psychology, with a focus on Mental Health Practices in Schools. Additional qualifications include the UCLA Certificate in College Counseling and the AICEP Certification in Educational Planning. She has done additional research and training in gifted education, special education, a range of issues in mental health including Positive Psychology. Kim has also done extensive post-graduate training in executive and leadership coaching, she is a certified parent coach and she has an MBA. She visits, evaluates, and meets with critical staff at more than 50 schools or programs every year, and has done so for the past decade. She has visited more than 300 colleges, over 150 traditional boarding schools in the US, Canada, and Switzerland, and over 200 adolescent and young adult treatment programs and counting. 


Kim has developed and implemented comprehensive educational planning programs and mental health programs in both public and private high schools. She served on the senior management team for a group of adolescent residential treatment programs and has helped hundreds of families with educational and clinical placements.

She has served on the Board of Directors of the Independent Educational Consultants Association, their Summer Training Institute faculty,  their ad hoc Professional Liasion Committee, was formerly Vice-chair of the Learning Disabilities Committee and served on the Community Committee and the Therapeutic Committee. She has the School, College, Learning Disability and Therapeutic Specialty designations from IECA. She is also a trained SENG model Parent Group facilitator.  When not working, she enjoys traveling to countries where she doesn't speak the language, snorkeling and kayaking with her husband and trying to keep up with the latest Netflix series.

"I honestly don't know what we would've done without you."


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