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Why hire a consultant?

How do I know if a school is right for my child? How do we choose the right program? What does our student need in terms of resources or referrals? Who do I trust? I've read conflicting information! Can't I just do this myself? 



These are often very difficult decisions to make as a parent and there is never one "right" answer. As a professional with extensive experience and knowledge, Kimberly can help sift through the overwhelming amount of information available, to find schools or programs where students will thrive, and she can help families and students understand the possibilities available to them, including resources in their own community. Counselors, therapists, and school officials, although knowledgeable and experienced about your child, do not have the time to visit hundreds of schools and programs, nor the time to personally meet with the people on the ground at each school or program. Websites and brochures cannot convey what really occurs day-to-day in any environment or how each program may or may not fit a particular child.


An independent educational consultant, as a specialist in educational and mental health planning, can assist each client individually and can tailor recommendations, suggestions and procedures to match each student's needs and each family's culture, values, interests and goals that are determined together.  Kim can work closely with other professionals, including psychologists, learning specialists, testers, tutors, and therapists, to coordinate services and to collaborate so that the student's placement, if necessary, is the result of the the best and most accurate information available. She can also help design creative individualized solutions utilizing a broad array of resources both locally and nationally to fulfill a client's needs. She works with and for the student and family, with no other institutional commitments, to provide objective first-hand knowledge with only her clients' interests in mind. Under no circumstances does she receive any compensation from any school or program for a referral. 

How does it work?

The initial conversation is a chance to provide initial information and support and to make sure that we are a good fit to assist your family. 


Comprehensive Consulting


Designed to guide families and students through all aspects of the school or program search and admission process with the utmost care and diligence, and with regard for the student's wellbeing, the process allows unlimited meetings, calls and emails. Services the Consultant will provide include: review and evaluation of educational and/or psychological records, including any prior treatment records; additional testing and assessment planning and referrals; explanation and clarification of all components of the admission process; coordination with admission and/or treatment teams; research devoted to developing a list of potential "match" schools or programs based on the student's and family's needs and desires; suggestions and preparation for visits if applicable; assistance with the development of a final list of schools or programs; referrals for transportation to treatment facilities if warranted; clarification of admissions procedures and assistance with application timing. 



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